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JMC Mason Rudolph

Ebay Case Study: My Results After Week 1

1. Today’s Stat’s: Bad Photo – Yet We got 3 more items out the door today – $34 Profit – 15 Maybe per listing 1X -Wink

Todays Results


2. Our Ebay Results For The Week

Week 1 Results: 14 Items Sold

So, were off to a moderate start. In our first week (REMEMBER WE STARTED SUNDAY 4/13), we sold 14 items and found two PREMIER ITEMS!!! Which means: We found two items that will sell in excess of 20X in a 30 day period which will allow you to pad your income month after month as you list daily.

Note: Ebay can be residual… Today’s listings will pay you over time and compound on top of what you do in the FUTURE. ;-)

3. Total Amount Made In Week 1:

$109.37 PROFIT – Not including CASH BACK

4. Now It’s Your Turn TO Make Money On Ebay

Testimonial For Mason

Testimonial For Mason

5. Next Weeks Topic – Never Pay Ebay FEE – Cash Back And Coupons ;-)

Eliminate Ebay Fees

Have A Great Weekend And HAPPY EASTER !!!!

… Missed the first week ? Start Here


Team Crack Your Own Damn Code

Were All One Big Family


I’m a pretty big guy ….

Never Give Up!

Never Give Up!

6′, 1” – 213lbs – Decent Muscle MASS and I’m not use to goin long distance.

I consider myself a SPRINTER (Fast – Explosive – IN AND OUT).

Yet not today.

Today, I had life come by and occupy me for most of the morning.

… It started out well.

Got a run in, but as soon as I got home it was ON.

Sometime that HAPPENS and I’m telling you that I understand this part of life.

Their are good excuses.

Yet I won’t make them and let you make them. Which is why I decided to do this marathon.

I got home at 10:30 PM, tired and mentally drained but it’s not in my makeup anymore to concede to EXCUSES…

Day 5 Ebay Case Study: 5 Listings In A Hour (Holla At Your Boy!!!)


Missed Day 4 ? NP. View Day 4′s Ebay’s Case Study  <<<< NOW

Thought Of The Day  …

1. Purpose (Why Do You Want The Life You Want)

2. Vision (What Does That Life Like)

3. Goals (Steps That Will Get You Their)

…. Get clear on these 3 facets of success and I’ll see you at the top fa sure!



Dinner Of Champions

Dinner Of Champions

Eh, ya’ll it’s the day after I shot this video and as I look back on what weve done I’m proud.

(It’s about to get mushy)

Well I’m a Dad at heart and if I’m not wiping up my youngest daughter mouth and hands after she eats, I’m definetly cleaning a scrape or cut from my oldest daughter, that she  gets from playing to rough outside.

**What, I’m trying to say is that I’m enjoying this.

… Primarily because so many of you are taking this training and using it, and having success!

Today’s Topics:

I’m Gonna Address A Few Questions – Reveal A Ebay Tool And Bonus – Live Listing – And Of Course Share My Results

Day 4: Ebay Dropshipping Case Study

Let Me Help You Make Money On Ebay

Ebay Case Study Day 1 and 2

Ebay Case Study Day 3

Thought Of The Day ….

What if ??

… I grew up learning and reciting this phrase and it wasn’t to inspire but hinder me from achieving the things I wanted in life. It’s been tough yet today I’m better! I’ve turned “WHAT IF” into a positive. So, instead of using these word as a way to talk yourself into not trying something. I’m asking you to use them to become wiser and more knowledgeable. For Example: What if I listed a item twice and changed the title COMPLETELY, yet one reaped a $10 profit and the other reaped a $40 profit (use what if to EXPLORE). Use this phrase to RAISE your level of awareness not discourage it.

“Crack Your Own Damn Code”


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So here’s the truth …

The truth is Im INSANE for doing this (Day 1′s Blog Post).

  • A extra hour a day to sell on Ebay without my primary account
  • Less time to market for my own biz
  • A guarantee like no other - 1K – 2k a mo in 60 days or less using no more that HOUR A DAY OR 5 LISTINGS
  • A commitment to answering all of your questions as you take this journey with me.

*I must be a damn fool!

Which is cool with me. -Wink ;-)

So before we get into today’s Ebay Training let me go over what’s happening.

  1. Were putting Ebay on notice. Were listing OFTEN and HEAVY so that when we go to Ebay for a upgrade they grant it to us.
  2. Were setting ourselves up for some major cross promotion. 30 days from now when you get to 100 listings will set up a “Cross Promotion” so that other people may see your other items even though they are not necessarily in that listing.
  3. Were finding the GOLD. Once I find the items that are selling and that people want I can open another listing and try to raise the price. OR, I can leave the price and sell a ton of them. NOTE: You can’t sell a ton of them anymore without someone tapping into what you got going which is what I’ll address in this video.

So, put the kids and bed and put on something slow (Right now, Im listening to USHER -Slow) because your gonna learn today!

Thought Of The Day

  • Marketing everyday without a return
  • Putting up listing without gain
  • Dealing with it all while you have issues in the home

Isn’t easy.

*I’m tellin you that no one has had it easy. Im tellin you that this is harder doing it than talking about it. But pour out what you got so you can get more...

“Crack Your Own Damn Code”

Team Crack Your Own Damn Code

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Team Crack Your Own Damn Code Hi how are you ? my name is JMC Mason Rudolph and I make money on ebay …

Btw, call me “MASON” for short.

… I’m a Dad #1 and a pretty damn good “work from home” coach #2. I’ve Cracked It! I’ve been able to make a FT income from home. And now I want to help you do the same.

So … Now that we’ve met let me say hi to my other family …

Team Crack Your Own Damn Code WASSUP!


Now Let’s Begin.

Make Money On Ebay: Seeing Is Believing

Have you ever heard someone say the phrase:

“Seeing Is Believing”


I’ve heard this a million times working from home.

Trying to get other people to go out on a limb and reach for something better. Reach for their dreams!

They Say:

  • Show me Mason
  • When you get rich I’ll do it
  • I need to see it done first

And, I say THAT’S STUPID (With The Utmost Respect Of Course)

Because that’s not how the 3% do it. The ones who have financial freedom. People who win go out on a limb. They take the CALCULATED chance.

Calculated …

Don’t just run 3 miles and you ain’t exercise in a year. Noooooo!

Yet walk for 30 mins.

Make sense ?

Today I start a Journey. Where I will walk the walk, in HOPE that your inspired to dream one more time.

I teach people how to make money online. Primarily through Ebay, and I want to do something that these people can really get behind.

I want to let you look over my shoulder everyday. As I build a PART TIME income on Ebay for 60 days.

  • So you don’t have to take a chance.
  • So you can SEE therefore you can BELIEVE.
  • So you can DREAM and start to spend some time with the family because you got it like that.

Day 1 and 2 Of My 0 TO 60 Day Journey: “How To Make Money On Ebay”

JOIN THE FAMILY – BEST $20 I Have Ever Spent

Check Out Day 3 – Ebay Case Study


Thought Of The Day

It’s not the money! 

The marketplace doesn’t dictate your income. You do. We have learned that MONEY is key, so when we need it and don’t have it were depressed because we don’t see another way. Well, I’m telling you, that the other way is in the VALUE you bring to the marketplace and the STEPS you take from this point. No longer will you have a problem with money if you just go to work on yourself and get better and better each day.

-Mason: “Crack Your Own Damn Code”


How To Make Money On Ebay ?

Lol … Were coming ya’ll!

Welcome Team Crack Your Own Damn Code. My name JMC Mason Rudolph – “Call me Mason for short!”

Today, I’m literally gonna let ya’ll look over my shoulder as I find profitable items to resell on Ebay – Let’s do it!

 Join The Team – Join The Family – Start Now!

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Team Crack Your Own Damn Code


Guys I Think I Cracked It!

April 9, 2014

Hey wassup team and readers “Happy Hump Day” .. “I’ve been in the lab with a pen and a pad trying to get this damn label off” – Eminem Ok, seriously… I’ve been busy. Testing with my OWN money. Money I made on Ebay, to create a system where you can: Make money with 100% […]

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Facebook Group Ads Help Me Build My DSD Business (Here’s How)

April 8, 2014

Vienna sausage Pickles (The Whole Ones) And, SPAM!!!! These were foods I couldn’t stand growing up but “MARY” (my grandma) would make em like they were goin out of style. Fast forward to today the Facebook Internet Marketing scene is doing the same. Their posting spam like it’s the next best thing since sliced bread!  […]

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I Hate MLM: Posting Ads Is My Job And I’m Fine With That!

April 3, 2014

I Hate MLM … (Quick Rant by me …) To be honest, MLM-Network Marketing damn near almost killed me. The stress I received from countless years of failing in this industry was POISON no doubt. I lost my cars I lost my home (Yes, Ive been Bankrupt) I Lost my lady (Yes, I’m single ladies […]

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My Way: Discover How I Put DSD On Notice

March 27, 2014

… Woot, Woot, Woot! Im sitting here listening to USHER and making sales and said: HEY, why not take it nice and slowly and share what I got BABY! I just want to take it nice and SLOWWWWW … WOOO, I had to  share this. Today I’ll be brief here’s 2 videos that uncover secrets […]

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