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So, I kno this cat!

He be like  A2 + B2 = C2 and he’s FAMOUS for it …

I be like look over my shoulder and I can barely get a thank you.

What’s wrong with this picture ?


…. His philosophy of teaching and solving problems had a longer time to set it in.

YOU’LL Catch on.

YOU’LL finally appreciate all of this VALUE i’m giving.

Which is why …

Today Im gonna continue doing what I’ve been doing.

Lemme Be Your Own Ebay Help Centre

Lemme Be Your Own Ebay Help Centre

I’m Gonna Keep Giving: Here’s Some More Live Ebay Help

Ok, that’s a wrap.

You can find more Ebay Training Here
 How To Get $10K A Mo Training >>> Watch All 4 Video’s Now <<< Sometimes Your Closer Than You Think

Thought Of The Day

Can I get serious for a moment. As much as I love to play and provide humor I know that before this freedom I was stuck. Stuck living in someone elses DREAM. If you fail to plan you’ll live in someone else’s, but if you plan. You’ll be the one dictating the life you live. Make a dceision today and live it!!

Let’s make today a great one,


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It’s Bonus Time -

Ebay Coach Bonuses

Don’t Be A Sucker For Boobs And A Handsome Face

I’ve seen a ton of opportunities come by and they all look good.

“Each of em promising this, that, and a third yet never really getting people  any where …”

Guess what ?

“I fell for em too.”

But No More!

Don’t you dare get involved in another system or opp where your not surrounded by family – support – and a kick ass BONUS (yea I’m about hook you up)

This Week’s DS Domination Bonus:

…  I’m the man rite ?

  • 2x Power Seller
  • Over $35K in mo sales
  • And the coolest coach in the world (Fa real – just call me: 516-965-2838 and find out for yourself)

Anyhoo for this week I’m giving you the KITCHEN SINK.

When you join DS Domination <<<< Click Their To Join

I’m going to find profitable listings for you!

Now how hot is that ???

Well for starters I sell more than 40% of what I list and I have well over 900 items listed.

…. So once you join DSD.

I am gonna give you FREE DAILY listings M – Th. FOR LIFE. (Not a bad bonus)

Mason’s Weekly Bonus:


Thought Of The Day:

Life is a true blessing …. So next time it seems to get the best of you and jam you up. Just stop , breathe, and think of the potential still in the day and utilize it .


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Lemme Help You Make It DO What It Do!

Talented, Handsome, and Hard Working.

       …. That’s who Ray Charles was.

       …. And that’s what we got in common.

      But, I’m here to say I’m more than just a famous FACE.

      I’m a Stay At Home Dad with 5 kids (2 of them are my very own girls and I have 3 handsome foster boys) and more often then not I get stuck with em.

        I mean my kids don’t let me breathe.

        “Daddy I need this …. Daddy can I go here …. Daddy they broke your favorite!”

       Yet that’s part of the GOODNESS AND FUN of parenthood (Wouldn’t trade it in for the world), which is why I made this video sitting here in my basement versus waiting for the kids to leave and  the house was quiet enough to think….

 I’m a dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the time I work with my kids, so why should I show you different.

I don’t make excuses.

I don’t think of the “what if’s” and “maybes”

… I just live life and make money from home like I kno how to and I want to show you how you can do the same.

NOTE: This Is What Real Stay At Home Parents DO.

Stay At Home Dad Reveal’s His Big DS Domination Bonus

In this video I give my DONE FOR YOU SERVICE away for FREE.

Note: This offer is only good to NEW sign ups who get in this month.

My Ebay Done For You Service:

Let me explain:

While doing my $1k in 30 Day Case Study I got pumped about the fact that I could literally dictate my income even though I had started a brand new Ebay account. I noticed that it didn’t matter that I had low feedback and credibility.

… I noticed I could still make it rain on Ebay

So I offered a Done For You Service to my current teammates. Where I and my team find all of the listings for them and in turn help them build a 6 figure a yr Ebay Business like me in 6 mo’s.

We came out the gate fast and made it rain for so many people.

… But, the price we were charging just wasn’t enough.

So we pushed the price up to $497 a mo. NOTE: If you want access to my Done4YouService w/o joining my DS Domination team, just – Facebook me – @ 

Anyhoo, this increase allowed us to work with people who could afford our services but it also pushed away a ton of people as well.

Until now.

Now and until the end of this month you have access to my Done For You Service For Free.

You get a 2X Powerseller And Ebay 6 Figure Earner building your Ebay INCOME!!!

Mason’s Big DS Domination Bonus:


Join Our Family Now – And Get Access To Our Done For You Service

Thought Of The Day

The one thing I learned about being a teen parent was accountability. That no matter what hand I was dealt I had to be the one to make it happen. No excuse was a good excuse. No matter if your a parent or not, you are responsible to live the life you want. So you have two options…. Happily bow out of the running and forfeit your shot to the things in life you deserve. Or you can leave excuses behind and go get your piece!

-JMC Mason Rudolph And Family – “Come Get Your Piece”

Team Crack Your Own Damn Code

Were All One Big Family


Ebay Done For You Service

Ebay Done For You Service

 Ebay Done For You Service

Truth is I would have never in a million years expect to be making so much money on Ebay. I literally can create any income I want as long as I am willing to list and research profitable items.

 Click Here >>> #1 Ebay Training On The Planet

 When I want to get feedback I list products that will make me a cool $2-10 profit. When I want to BANK like a boss, I “GO FOR IT” and make it rain Benjamins…

Why ?

Because I can!

I’ve got the skillz to pay you billz!

Now what am I talking about ???

  • Im saying I want to be your Boo …
  • Your Hugh Hef …

I want to assist you in building your Ebay business and theirs 2 ways that I can do that.

  1. Thru Coaching
  2. Thru Doing it for you

My Ebay Coaching And The DS Domination Training Platform

The fastest and cheapest way to get me as your coach is thru signing up at this link and getting access to the DSD training done by CEO Roger Langile and tapping into the different bonuses we have for you to help you grow your business…

My Done For You ServiceMy Ebay Done For You Service

Truth is this why your here today …

I got a pretty big announcement.

… Today I will be launching my “Ebay Done For You Service”

We already have 2 of my DS Domination team members piloting the system and let’s say were off to a great start. Already $13oo profit earned for our students and counting ….

Here’s What We Do:
  1. We deliver 3 – 5 profitable listing in a doc file to your email of choice every day
  2. Ea. Listing will have an explanation and link to the seller of the item that you have to drop ship from
  3. We Guarantee our work. If you don’t make the money you invested in us in the first 30 days. We will REFUND every penny back!

So before you check out Day 21′s Case Study Vid …

Understand that our “Done For You Service” won’t go live til 5/10/14. We won’t take more than 20 clients for the first month. I have two other top Ebay sellers (One is a bronze level Power seller) working with me and we decided to keep this very small.

Because we want to deliver a high PROFIT service.

So here’s what you need to do before we run out of slots …

  1. Send me a message on Facebook, and say: “Hey Mason Be My Sugar Daddy” As long as their is still room your in!
  2. Pay the $99 a mo. Invoice and watch you Ebay business SOAR!

Note: This service will be sold at $247 a mo starting June 15th which will be our official launch date. For those of you that get in at the $99 a mo. will remain at that price point for as long as you keep the service.

*If your looking to create a hands off Ebay business. Then this is the SERVICE you need.

Ebay Case Study Day 21 Vid

Thought Of The Day

For years I’ve worked to become a Full Time stay at home business man. And the one thing that hindered me was pulling up on the most and important things. I had two options … 1. PUSH THROUGH IT. 2. OUTSOURCE IT. I can’t tell you which one to do. But make a decision and stick with it.

-Crack Your Own Damn Code

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… I thought I had it but I don’t.

How To Become A Ebay Power Seller

How To Become A Ebay Power Seller

Momma said: Life is to short to sit their and be SAD!

Which is why I aint.

I love and miss my Mom and if their is one thing Ive learned from her is that I need to have a short memory when it comes to the NEGATIVE.

So, let’s talk about  the good newz!!!

Good news is …

I Almost Became A Power Seller

Better news is ….

I Know How To Become A Power Seller

It’s day 15 of my Ebay Case Study and I almost became a Ebay Power Seller!

Now here’s what’s hot about that:

  1. We’ve only been doing this Case Study for 15 days.
  2. Ebay gives you 30 days to achieve this HONOR and we almost did it in half the time.
  3. I was able to do this in front of your eyes. The goal of this Case Study was to motivate and inspire and I think I’m starting to get thru to U.

Anyhoo, before I continue on with the “results video”, I want to go over what it takes to become a Powerseller.

To Become A Powerseller – You Need To:

  • Develop Good Practices (Ship on time, good customer service, and etc.)
  • Have an account in good standing (Pay Your Fees)
  • Achieve 50 or more transactions in a given month
  • Achieve 50+ feedbacks
  • Have a 98% or higher seller feedback :-(
  • Do at least $1000 a mo in Revenue

Note: Their are many levels of POWERSELLER.

You have Top Rated, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Benefits In Being A Power Seller:

  • Reduced Ebay fees
  • Higher response time from Ebay fees
  • Handling time extensions
  • Combined shipping
  • Discounts on Ebay Extras (Like: Subtitles,galleries, and more)

Note: It’s been an honor to host this case study before your eyes, and I look forward to showing you how to make money on Ebay.

DS Domination Testimonial For Mason

DS Domination Testimonial For Mason

Let’s keep it up! “Crack Your Own Damn Code”DS Domination Testimonial For Mason

April’s Results – Not A Full Month


Got A Few ?’s – Let’s Chat On Facebook

Thought Of The Day ….

I did 5 listings a day everyday and I was able to make an additional $500 in 2 weeks. I’m asking you to trust in the MUNDANE – The Simple daily actions that will change your financial situation overnight.

“Crack Your Own Damn Code”

James MC Mason Rudolph

DS Domination Testimonial


Ebay Case Study Results

Day 11: Ebay Case Study Results

You know how they say:

“men who drive big cars compensate for other things …”

Btw, I’m not implying nothing

Yet, that is what I’m doing by adding this HUGE photo. This blog post is gonna be super short  …

But I promise it’ll be worth reading another 20 or so lines of content.

First: Day 11 Result’s – 6 More Sales – $389 In Profit TOTAL (In just 11 days) – And a little over $50 in Cash Back.

Second: For those of you who are new and would like to get this case study in order from Day 1. CLICK HERE

Third: My DS Domination And Ebay Vision

I think you guys know already that my goal is to uncover everything in front of your eyes. Every road block and issue you might have starting a income on Ebay.

It may not be the most profitable way to go about it.

But, were family and that’s how were gonna keep it (You watch my back and I’ll watch yours type of a deal).

Anyhoo, DS Domination has been quite a bit of surprise. The training and support is great. Our TEAM Unit Of Prosperity is great. But, like any training product their will always be a sense of not being COMPLETE. Most people will still have questions and setbacks.

Which, is why I’m making a few changes to our PERSONAL ( <<< Add Me On Facebook To Get Into Our Group) Ebay training group.

A Few Changes (The Vision)

  1. Our Ebay group will now give access to any member on my team or within my downline for FREE. You get access to each day of this case study. Tons of Ebay video training, and access to the behind the scenes stuff like SECRET VIDEOS WHERE I GO OVER MEMBERS ACCOUNTS and LISTINGS.
  2. We will be opening an Elite Group with 1 on 1 coaching ( 2X 30 min sessions a mo), Unlimited text, and email questions and lastly access to a really good AUTO LISTING software and wholesaler that me and my partner are testing out for our main account.
  3. We will be launching later on a DONE FOR YOU service. Imagine having myself (BTW, AS A REMINDER I AM ABOUT TO BECOME A 2X  POWER SELLER  WITH THIS NEW EBAY ACCOUNT).

That’s it.

… The ultimate goal is TO CRACK YOUR OWN DAMN CODE (Make A Full Time Income From Home)!

Let’s Do It,

My Thoughts ...

Start to get curious and accept things for what they are. Call me a weird and a little unorthodox, yet I love me some Shakespare. But at the same time I love FOOTBALL, MMA, and  ”ALL MY CHILDREN”.

Weird I know.

Yet, that diversity adds a huge feather in my cap. Because it allows me to feel and relate to different emotions and personalities  in conversation and online connections.

Don’t Just Get Thru It Today – Get From It!!!

JMC Mason Rudolph


Day 10: $35 A Hr And Some CRAZY Ebay Training To Match

April 25, 2014

  Get Rich Quick …   Set It And Forget It …   Turnkey …   I fell for all those LUCRATIVE keywords. If you told me that eating COW NUTS N GRAVY made me a fortune online, I would have believed you. I was the KING when it comes to investing into money making […]

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Easter Weekend Spring Break And I Still Made IT Rain!

April 22, 2014

That’s right …. The word is in. And that word is:  ”Team Crack Your Own Damn Code” is making in RAIN using Ebay. Go Now And Check Out My Official DS Domination Review … Anyhoo, hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  I got quite a few emails from people announcing they had made quite […]

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Day 6: Have A Great Weekend And A Happy Easter

April 20, 2014

Ebay Case Study: My Results After Week 1 1. Today’s Stat’s: Bad Photo – Yet We got 3 more items out the door today – $34 Profit   2. Our Ebay Results For The Week (That’s 14 Sells in less than a week w/ a new account) So, were off to a moderate start. In […]

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Ebay Case Study Day 5: THE MARATHON

April 20, 2014

Partner With Me – Join DS Domination Now! I’m a pretty big guy …. 6′, 1” – 213lbs – Decent Muscle MASS and I’m not use to goin long distance. I consider myself a SPRINTER (Fast – Explosive – IN AND OUT). Yet not today. Today, I had *life come by and occupy me for […]

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